May 31, 2010

Odious Comparisons

These posts underscore some way of seeing things from different points of view. Like a phototrap with multiple cameras to capture the animal at different angles. Comparisons are often odious when you put in one of the parties shoes but become even more so when they are biased or interested. I am neither impartial nor disinterested, but I still like to think it twice.

We have to compare apples to apples, but even so, should we compare green apples with red ones? The homeland with the imported ones? The raw with the cooked?

An Introduction

Phototraps usually capture intimate moments of the animals, acting in freedom and with their environment not being altered. This is almost impossible with humans. Have you ever seen someone who is indifferent in front of a camera lens?

I would like to do the same, to contemplate the world and reflect a bit about it without letting the live moment and the camera effect gain prominence. While on the other hand, have you wondered what images would show those phototraps before anyone had seen them yet?
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